Fire the Surgeon General

The articles in the Post were graphic and sadly true. The military’s hospital system provided insensitive, substandard care to our returning injured soldiers. Denial of the seriousness of the problem by the Surgeon General of the army indicates his own insensitivity and perhaps incompetence to administer a military health care system.

He said yesterday: “that the problems at Walter Reed were neither widespread nor symptomatic of a system that has “abandoned soldiers and their families.”

The Surgeon General also accused the Post of being one sided. His notion apparently is that health-care ends at the inpatient hospital door, not recognizing as fact that his system keeps recently returned gravely injured soldiers (two interviewed last night on Jim Lehrer’s program) as outpatients and suffocates them with miserable depressing surroundings, stifling bureaucracy and martinets who force the injured to play soldier (having to report to morning assembly). Quite bizarre and deserving of a firing in my view. Though this outfit will probably award the Surgeon General a “heck of job” and the medal of freedom.

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