What are we fighting for?

What are we fighting for?  Retirement after 20 years, free health care and/or free health insurance for life, free dental care or dental insurance, a health care system developed for the employees and his/her family’s special needs, free or almost free housing, paid utilities,  food allowances, educational subsidies, limited access  food markets and superstores,  sponsored or subsidized recreational facilities, subsidized child development centers and reasonably competitive salaries*.  Our conservative friends will say that such a society is blasphemous, socialistic, and counterproductive.

Yet those are the benefits our military savor and indeed fight for.  It is a fact that the  military exists in an almost seamless government subsidized "socialized" system.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have problems with the benefit structure, by their service our soldiers deserve all we can provide.  I do simply wonder whether some similar benefits should be available for those who pay the bills–and will pay today’s bills forever in the future?

* Competitive salaries  "Military pay is not really all that bad. Now, the bad news: It also ain’t all that great, either. What I mean by that is that for a brand new high school recruit, with little or not work experience, it would be hard to find a better starting wage. However, for an enlisted member with years of experience, trained in a critical technical specialty, it’s not all that great when compared to wages for a similar civilian job."

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