The Cost of War

Two weeks ago our local paper neglected to report on the loss, in Iraq, of 14 of our military over one weekend.  Not even a brief note documenting the number.  Is it insensitivity from the continual bad news there?  Is it our collective guilt and denial because we bought into the flawed rational for a pre-emptive war–Colin Powell among others shamed himself? 

We seem to look elsewhere for bad news that somehow is less challenging.  So we find our news reports innundated with the unfortunate tragedy of a family lost in the snow, or the three climbers who for whatever reason were climbing Mt. Hood in the dead of winter, and so on.  

Our president tells us that he is aware of the deaths and suffering going on over there.  Yet we have little idea what’s really happening to Iraqis or for that matter to our own troops.  This article in the New England Journal of Medicine tells a small part of the tale. 

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