America’s Carnage…. Continues. It’s the guns.

“At least 68 shootings have unfolded this year on US school grounds, including 15 on college campuses, CNN data shows.”

Medicynical Note: America’s so called “freedom” is killing us. Yesterday’s school shootings involved two Universities, why? Because it’s so easy. (See here and here). (See below for correction)

America leads the industrialized world in school shootings, shootings of individuals by police officers (often unarmed and innocent), shootings of police officers, mass shootings, gun involved murders, gun involved suicides, and accidental shootings. It’s not close.

It’s not mental health, it’s not the doors at the schools, it’s not increased lawlessness in America, it’s the guns. Thoughts and prayers don’t help. To think otherwise is stupid

Meanwhile the folks who made this slaughter possible sit in their protected enclave in fear of peaceful unarmed protesters. They piously offer clever quips about their actions. Extending the world of 240 years ago to the modern day, selling out to campaign contributions of an amoral industry, and supporting a “freedom” based in part on support of slavery is not, to me, a good idea. We simply make it easier to kill. America the not so beautiful.

Addendum: Just announced (afternoon Nov. 15) that the U of Idaho killings were with a “bladed” weapon. Amended the above to refer only to the UVA shootings.

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