Nuclear By Gates…..Bury the Waste in Gates’ Yard

Bill Gates dabbles. He’s developed an elegant expensive highly technical garbage disposal system first deployed in a third world county. The only catch being that countries in the third world have neither the money nor the technical expertise to keep such endeavors going. Little has been heard since 2015 about this gadget aside from lessens learned communications from the Gates Foundation about future plans for this Rube Goldberg like processing system. One wonders how applicable economical and effective it will be for other locations.

Moving on Gates now is proposing pocket-sized nuclear energy plants for small towns and cities cooled with highly flammable liquid sodium……what could possibly go wrong?

Medicynical note: Gates dabbles and comes up with innovative but impractical solutions. That’s his modus. His waste plant had problems in it’s first iteration and will, i predict, never fly—I also said that to Orville and Wilbur. His pocket sized nuclear plants also seem to have little chance for success. Multiple locales using high risk energy producing contraptions doesn’t seem like a good idea either. However, should he succeed I would suggest burying the waste in Mr. Gates’ back yard. Nuclear power, with current inadequate safeguards and nuclear waste handling is akin to kids playing with matches.

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