Vitamins—Triumph of hype over reason, but, then again, who needs facts

The medical industrial complex excels at creating disease states and then marketing “cures.”  The use of vitamins has been a recommendation for years for problems as disparate as  the common cold and cancer.  But always with the promise that it will do no harm….except to your pocketbook.

The some is good means that more must be better mentality (even with no evidence of either) has reigned for the last 60 or so years, particularly when one talks vitamins.  Megavits, vitamin C for what ails you, vitamins for the well nourished…..all are marketing triumphs.  It’s dubious that demand for them will change, even the  news that they do no good and indeed in some people may cause harm .

Multiple sources (here, here) quote the Annals of Internal Medicine study and editorialA review of vitamin use was published in the NY Times last June.

Medicynical Note:  I don’t think for one second that facts will alter America’s desire to do something, anything, even if it does nothing.

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