The Ryan/Romney Health Plan: A Faustian Bargain!

To fully understand what’s happening in the health debate you  need to keep in mind that the repubs opposed Medicare (as well as Medicaid and Social Security) from it’s inception and have done everything in their power to cripple it (them).  They’ve prevented Medicare from assessing efficacy of treatments and interventions, prevented Medicare from negotiating prices with the drug companies, and have worked to “privatize” it.

Now they try to sell privatization as an improved program when it would appear to be a rather cynical effort to undermine affordable coverage to both the elderly and younger populations.  How else to interpret this:

He wanted to reassure the seniors in the crowd about the Republican presidential ticket’s plans for Medicare, the government health insurance program serving 39 million seniors.

“Our solution to preserve, protect and save Medicare does not affect your benefits,” Ryan, Romney’s vice presidential pick, said during an Aug. 18, 2012, stop at The Villages.  “Let me repeat that — our plan does not affect the benefits for people who are in or near retirement

Medicynical Note:  Guess who gets to pay for the continued benefits of the elderly under Romney/Ryan?  Our children and grandchildren! Guess who will get lower benefits and higher costs now and when they retire?  Our children and grandchildren!  This is a greed is good deal. 

In plainer terms “Romney/Ryan is a Faustian bargain with the payoff being the wealth, health and well-being of our children and grandchildren.    The Romney promises are empty as he has a track record of flip-flopping on health care and many other issues, depending solely on his political ambition. 

Romney has no apparent heart felt core issues, except to protect the interests of the wealthy.   Accepting his assurances  on health care provides no certainty that he actually will maintain the policy.  Adding to the uncertainty are the beliefs of his radical conservative tea party backers who want to completely gut Medicare, Medicaid as well as Social Security. 

Supporting Romney/Ryan is Faustian, there will come a time when we/you will be called upon to pay!

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