10 New Freedoms from the Accountable Care Act (President Obama’s Health Initiative)

1.  The freedom from going bankrupt from health care costs.  (Bankruptcy from health care expenses is unknown in other industrialized countries)

2.  The freedom from being denied health insurance because of pre-existing illness. (Only a sadist could conceive of a system that  denied coverage when a person becomes sick?)

3.  The freedom from having health care insurance costs increase because of illness. (Ditto)

4.  The freedom from not having health care coverage because it’s too expensive (The U.S. leads the world in health care costs.  This is a step to controlling expenditures)

5.  The freedom from  delaying health care because of a lack of health care coverage. (Worry about costs is a common cause of patients not seeking care for problems)

6.  The freedom from having to go to an emergency room for  care because you don’t have the money to see a family doctor  (We currently require ER’s to provide care to anyone who needs it.  Admirable, but ER care is the most expensive, most inefficient and in some ways least effective care there is)

7. The freedom from not being able to afford your child’s health care. (Assured coverage for all citizens is a reasonable goal for the “most advanced” country in the world—that’s not socialism but rather is common humanity—sense too)

8.  The freedom from religious institutions interfering with health care coverage  (Coverage should be guided by a person’s needs not someone else’s belief system)

9.  The freedom to have a patient doctor relationship (Without health insurance most people cannot afford care)

10.  The freedom of being able to survive a medical emergency without financial worry. (No explanation necessary)

One response to “10 New Freedoms from the Accountable Care Act (President Obama’s Health Initiative)

  1. charlotte hodge

    Let freedom ring…!! As a nurse of 40 years….I see every day….what this means to our country….I see the wisdom of this plan. I support Obama in making it even better. Let freedom ring…

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