Groupon!? America’s Wretched Non-System of Health Care

It is a fact that there is nothing systematic or comprehensive about health care in America.  It’s become an olio of exceptional money making opportunities with little concern about quality, access, outcomes or cost.  

Our new and innovative ways of funding health care for the 50 plus million citizens without insurance coverage are unique in the world and include bankruptcy, asking for charitable contributions, traveling overseas,  and now Groupon!

So when a deal popped up on daily deals site Groupon for a teeth cleaning, exam and an X-ray at a nearby dentist, Stella, 55, bought the deal — which the company calls a “Groupon” — for himself and another for his daughter. He paid $39 for each, $151 below what the dentist normally charges.


Visitors to these sites are finding a growing number of markdowns on health care services such as teeth cleanings, eye exams, chiropractic care and even medical checkups. They’re also offering deals on elective procedures not commonly covered by health insurers, such as wrinkle-reducing Botox injections and vision-correcting Lasik eye surgery. About one out of every 11 deals offered online is for a health care service, according to data compiled by, a site that gathers and lists 20,000 deals a day from different websites.

Medicynical Note:  By spending more on health care than anywhere else in the world and having mediocre outcomes we’ve become a shining beacon for inefficiency,  waste, and mismanagement in health.  We are indeed the world leader.

Health reform, yes the plan that the President sponsored, offers a way out.  But with dogged determination there are “popular” political forces that aim to maintain our world dominance.  Quite amazing. 

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