Who’s Happy About a U.S. Government Shutdown? Top Ten List

Who’s happy about a U.S. Government shutdown:

  • Osama Bin Laden — Forces supported by Bin Laden bankrupted the Soviet Union.  We went to war and didn’t bother paying for it, and are incurring trillions in debt.  He’s delighted that he’s bankrupting us and that we’re asking the elderly, the poor and sick to pay for it.  Nothing like turmoil.
  • The Tea Party — they supported tax cuts for the wealthy leading to hundreds of billions of dollars in debt while closing down the government ostensibly to save a few billion dollars taken from the poor and middle class.   They appear delighted as well.
  • The Republican Party which for some reason thinks this action will further it’s political vendetta against taxes, regulation, family planning, gays, pollution control and America’s safety net.
  • The Chinese,  Russians and martinet rulers in the middle east, who hope this public folly will put an end to the notion of the superiority of our system.
  • The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, for the same reason
  • The Khadaffi family who wonder if our political unrest will undermine NATO’s intervention.
  • Banks and other business interests who hope the closure will mean the end of government regulation — The collapse of the financial industry was not enough “success” for these interests.
  • The religious right which doesn’t think government should support family planning and opposes gay rights.
  • The Koch brothers and other polluters who oppose environmental standards for the coal industry (these billionaires own a large group of coal related companies).
  • The Chamber of Commerce who believes that low taxes, low wages, no regulations and a poor safety net for the poor, infirm and disabled is the way to prosperity

Medicynical Note:  Can you think of others?

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