US Becoming a Low Wage Country — The Approaching Health Care Bust

BMW has recently increased employment at their Greer South Carolina plant.

Among the applicants: a former manager of a major distribution center for Target, a consultant who oversaw construction projects in four Western states and a supervisor at a plastics-recycling firm. Some held college degrees and résumés in other fields where they made more money.

But they’re all in the factory now making $15 an hour — about half of what the typical German autoworker makes.

it’s a fact that ;

the price of having a more globally competitive work force means more in America could fall well short of the middle-class living standards that manufacturing workers once could expect. Wages adjusted for inflation have declined for these workers since 2003.

Medicynical note: A salary of $15/hour approximates $30,000/year–half the average and median income in the states. Think any of these employees will be able to afford a BMer? Or even a $20,000 Chevy? High deductibles on health care?

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