Is this Socialism?

For Dairy and other farmers who oppose health reform, is this socialism?

Dairy policy in the United states has been and is comprised of the following major components: (i) border measures that create import barriers for most dairy products and export subsidies for a few manufactured dairy products; (ii) government purchases of manufactured dairy products to support the farm price of milk.

Or this?

The U.S. Agricultural Department is required by law (various U.S. farm bills which are passed every few years) to subsidize over two dozen commodities. Between 1996 and 2002, an average of $16 billion/year was paid by programs authorized by various U.S. farm billsdating back to the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, the Agricultural Act of 1949, and theCommodity Credit Corporation (created in 1933), among others.

Medicynical Note: Medical care is bankrupting the country and individuals. We spend twice as much as other countries for care that is no better. As in agriculture, in medical care we need organization and regulation to assure affordable access. That’s not socialism it’s good government.

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