Climate Change Opposition Groups–The New Flat Earth Society

1. How can you convince these people that global warming is a threat. Their view is that global warming, and everything else, is god’s will.

That’s probably 30% of the opposition to trying to control global warming.

2. Another 30% of the opposition comes from financial concerns. Fixing global warming will hurt their bottom line and cost them money so they oppose.

3. A third group is simply politically motivated. If there is possible political gain they will oppose anything, just on that basis. Damn the facts, it’s politics as usual.

4. The last and perhaps most damning group is the “it’s a conspiracy” crowd. Who simply don’t believe what’s happening in spite of clear documentation. They buy disinformation, believe there is a conspiracy to take their “freedom” to do whatever they please. They are the rebirth of the Know Nothing movement and believe in American exceptionalism. We should be able to do what we want because of who we are. How do you argue against “it’s my birthright”? It’s not!!

Medicynical note: How does this relate to health care? These is great overlap between the groups opposing the notion of global warming and those opposing health care reform.

More here in this worldwide editorial

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