Inspired Alternative Nonsense–Bioidenticals

An editor’s note in an article on bio-identical medication/supplements says it best:

  • “Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine. Yet these mostly unproven treatments are now mainstream and used by more than a third of all Americans.”

Medicynical Note: There is evidence in a few instances that supplements may make things worse.

The article goes on to note;

  • “Alternative remedies are especially popular with upscale, educated women who like to research and find their own solutions to medical problems. They like the idea of personalized treatments versus off-the-shelf prescription drugs. However, instead of a safer option, they are getting products of unknown risk that still contain the estrogen many of them fear, women’s health experts say. “

Medicynical note: Billions of dollars are wasted each year on nonsense like bio-identicals. The bottom line is that these in-vogue substitutes often contain the same type medication as the regular product with the same risk, under the guise of a “safe” alternative. We are a quite amazing people.

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