Unitedhealth–Scamming doctors, scamming patients, the American Health care system

United Health has agreed to pay 50 million dollars

“Ending a practice doctors say underpaid them and led to higher costs for patients, UnitedHealth Group Inc. on Tuesday agreed to pay $50 million to establish a new database that will be used to determine rates for patients who choose physicians outside the insurance giant’s network.”

But of course while paying the money Unitedhealth denied wrong doing.

What’s remarkable about this is that other insurers use this database and also have underpaid for services, so the problem is broader than Unitedhealth:

“But because other health plans, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, use the Ingenix database to determine their rates for out-of-network care, the impact is much broader”

Medicynical note; Unitedhealth and other insurers have single-mined devotion to making money. Whether that requires scamming doctors as above, scamming patients, or increasing Unitedhealth executive salaries,

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One response to “Unitedhealth–Scamming doctors, scamming patients, the American Health care system

  1. Cuomo should have forced Unitedhealth to divest Ingenix.

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