Sin vs The Wonders of Technology

I have a wonderful grandchild, the product of in-vitro fertilization and am grateful for his life.

However, the medical experts of the Catholic Church, (more here) in their wisdom seem to believe that the in-vitro technique that helped bring him into existence is somehow sinful. In their latest guidelines on bioethics they:

“condemned artificial fertilization, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning and drugs which block pregnancy from taking hold.”

“A long-awaited document on bioethics by the Vatican’s doctrinal body also said the so-called “morning after pill” and the drug RU-486, which blocks the action of hormones needed to keep a fertilized egg implanted in the uterus, fall “within the sin of abortion” and are gravely immoral.”

I can presume it remains a sin to use conventional birth control as well. Also not mentioned is the sensitive issue of abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

In places where Catholic Institutions dominate health care as in my home town, (one hospital and many physicians directly employed) these limits present major issues of access for those of us who disagree.

Most of us will ignore such medieval top down pontification and I for one will honor the effort of my kids to become parents of a wonderful truly miracle child.

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