Election, Money, Religion, Health Care

It’s election morning and all await the results. It says something about us that one party has consistently tried to suppress voting. They’ve disseminated false information about polling times and locales; providing information that was threatening to specific voter blocks; and in general tried to decrease the other party’s vote. This is of course long term republican dogma. In a democracy, a term used loosely by this party, fewer voters are better. Paul Weyrich expressed this 20 years ago and his dogma has been supported by various party hacks, the Supreme Court, and today’s republicans. Not a pretty sight for us both domestically and internationally where we purport to support democratic principals.

Money is a problem. Financial support by industry and lobbys unduely influenced elections for the past 20 years. It was amusing to hear complaints about Obama’s decision to forgo government funding this year because he thought he could raise more funds. Turn-a-round was apparently not viewed with favor.

Our religious beliefs mirror those of the Islamic world with a great majority of people who believe in a god and a relatively large minority of this group who are fanatical about this belief. These radical religionists believe all manner of myths, deny science and use their untaxed monies and influence to force their views on the rest of us. How can one explain the religionists support of proposition 8 in California. This constitutional amendment denies equal rights to gay people. It is an abomination! This is yet another irony in a campaign that has otherwise opened opportunity to previously excluded groups.

This tortured discussion leads to health care for all. We have an opportunity today, if Obama wins, to move towards a national health care system. We are already spending enough money now to assure care for all. However, because of the inefficiency and monetarization of our health care system, profit takes priority over health care. Ir is literally “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE.” The leading cause of bankruptcy in our country is medical expenses. I hope we don’t miss this opportunity because people are dying because of delays in obtaining care and lack of access to care because of cost. We’ve discussed in previous posting ideas for improvement which we will repeat over the next weeks.

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